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We are Macon Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Macon, Ga. We understand that your home is at the center of your world, so one of our principles is that we will always look to treat it as if we were dealing with an animal problem in our own home. Our compassionate and knowledgeable staff know how frustrating an animal infestation can be, and are happy to offer practical advice, along with giving you an idea of cost when it comes to using our services. We have animal removal technicians that are available to visit your home quickly after you contact us, and we aim to get someone to you by the next day, if not on the same day that you call. Our online reviews reflect the effort that we put in to ensuring our staff are trained in the latest techniques and equipment used to deal with pest animals in the home. They also have skills to be able to provide the follow-up work after the pest animals have been removed, so they can seal the holes used by animals to get into your home, as well as carrying out the cleaning and sanitization of the area where the pest animals have been active. We look forward to helping you bring your house back to the safe comfortable home it should be. Call us now at 478-841-9399 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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Our Service Range

Our Service Range

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Macon Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Rats Exist

Rats are disease carriers. They will contaminate our food supply and rummage our trashcan. To control the growth of their incisors, they will have to chew different tough materials such as our wooden beams, cinderblocks, wire insulations, and others. The sight of the Macon rats can disgust you and will make you wonder why they even exist. You will be shocked to know that these rodents contribute to the lives of humans in different ways.

The Benefits of the Rats
Rats are quite clever that makes it challenging to control them. Instead of always focusing on the problems related with their presence, we should occasionally look at the positive sides of their existence. Here are some of them.

Source of Entertainment
For some people, Georgia rats have become a source of their fun and entertainment. While most of us will considered them as pests, there are some who will treat them as their pets. Pets can help in reducing the stress of the owner. Apart from that, this rodent has become an inspiration for hundreds of films and stories that delighted us for ages. You can also commonly encounter a stuffed toy that resemble the appearance of a cuddly rat on kid’s bedroom.

Contributes to the Healthy Ecosystem
Rats and other rodents are critical component of our ecosystem. It also belongs in the bottom of the food chain that serves as a food for other wild animals that allows them to survive the harsh environment contribution. There are species of Macon rats that are essential in keeping the plants pollinated. Without their assistance, our ecosystem might easily collapse.

For Study
While not all of us will agree on how the animals are being used for laboratory research and scientific study, we still can’t deny how they helped in discovering new approach in treating human diseases. They have also paved the way for the development of new medicines and some breakthrough on the medical industry. Their sacrifices have greatly improved the quality of our life.

Eliminating Trash
The scavenging habit of the rats also offers some benefits. They are helpful in eliminating carcasses, detritus and other types of common trashes in our environment. Rats have successfully adapted on the living condition of the city. They will depend upon humans for their source of their nourishment. Rats are not picky on the things they eat. Their digestive system is designed to process substance that humans cannot.

Rats have different positive contributions to human lives in a number of ways. Even today, they are being trained in order to detect landmines. They can also aid in screening tuberculosis since they can identify the presence of TB in the sputum of the person through their sense of smell. In case you found a rat in your house, think about all the positive things that it offers to mankind. Look for a humane solution when getting rid of them. Avoid using poison and toxic chemicals that will cause unnecessary suffering. Ask the recommendation of the expert for a better solution.