Getting Bats Out of the Log Cabin

Bats are considered as an essential part of our ecosystem. Nonetheless, you will not appreciate their presence in your log cabin. Commonly, Georgia bats prefer to use caves and abandoned mining areas as their roosting ground. You may also encounter them under the bridge and on the cliffs. Unfortunately, in case they cannot find those options, it will not be unusual to encounter them in our house.

How to Get the Macon Bats Out of Our Log Cabin
Our log homes can provide the bats with the protection that they need. It shields them from the threats of the predators and keeps them safe from vicious weather elements. This is also the ideal place to nurture the baby bats. This makes our log cabin vulnerable to infestation of bats. This is especially true for the structures that are not receiving regular maintenance.

Signs That There are Bats in Your Log Cabin
Apart from spotting the Macon bats visibly, there are some signs that will indicate that there are bats in your log house. For instance, you may listen to the sound that they produce. This may be challenging since bats will not necessarily produce an audible sound. The sound will only be loud enough if it is a huge colony of bats. You may also hear the noises behind the walls. The faint scratching and squeaking noise can also be a sign of bat activities. Guano is another sign of bat infestation. This can usually be found close to the access hole of the bats. The appearance of the bat guano will be like the feces of the rats, but slightly bigger.

How the Bats Entered the Log Cabin
Before you conduct a removal or exclusion process, you will have to be aware on how these animals made their ways inside the house. The bats are quite good when looking for an access point inside the house. Bats can accidentally enter our house if you leave the doors and the windows open. Removal of the bats that have not yet established is a lot easier. You simply have to give them an escape route. For the colony of bats in your log cabin, here are some of their possible entry points.

• Rotted and damaged log
• Woodpeckers and insects holes
• Warped windows and frames
• Missing and torn screens
• Loose logs

How to Remove Them
Most of the bats are protected under the law. Therefore, getting rid of them can be a challenge. We usually encourage homeowners to hire the specialists since they will carry the necessary permits and licenses. This is the best way to get rid of them in a humane and safe manner. Furthermore, you can rest assure that you are not violating any laws or ordinance.

Apart from the nauseating smell of their urine and guano, their droppings can also have negative effects on the quality of the logs. Their urine comes with an elevated uric acid that can corrode stone, metals, and woods. Once the urine and guano saturate the log material, the fiber will expand and will soon have to be replaced.

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