Using Castor Oil to Get Rid of Moles

Castor oil does not have an active ingredient that will kill the mole. However, it is being used as a based ingredient for homemade and manufactured repellent. According to the manufacturer, the castor oil can irritate the digestive system of the Georgia moles that will lead to stomach upset. If they come in contact with it, it may also result to skin irritation. According to the theory, while it may not cause permanent damage, the moles will relocate to avoid the discomfort caused by castor oil.

How to Use Castor Oil to Get Rid of Macon Moles
If you do not have the necessary materials; you should prepare them first. You will need a bottle of castor oil, water, vegetable-based detergent, and spray bottle. You also need to prepare a container where you will mix the solution. Before using the castor oil, read the instruction carefully. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for use and dilution. If you want to bring down the cost, we advised purchasing the unrefined type of castor oil.

Combine a gallon of water and 6 oz of the essential oil. Add at least 2 tbsp of vegetable-based or oil-based detergent. This will serve as a carrier for the sticky castor oil. After you mixed the ingredients, fill up your spray bottle with the solution. Apply it generously on the area where you often see the moles. Be sure that the ground has been soaked with the solution properly.

The Chemical Composition of Castor Oil
Castor oil has a slightly thick consistency. The oily liquid has a faint scent that most of us will find irritating or disgusting. This product is packed with multiple glycerides such as ricinolein or also known as ricinoleic acid. This product will not mix thoroughly with water; therefore, it is necessary to use an oil-based detergent. If there are remaining solution, be sure to store the repellent properly since it can be combustible.

Is it Effective?
Based on the research performed at the University of California, several studies that were performed to determine the effectiveness of the castor oil towards mole has yielded decent result. Unfortunately, the test is limited since it only involves the eastern mole. Currently there are no studies performed to identify the efficacy of the solution against western Macon moles.

While there are some benefits that you can expect from using castor oil, you will also realize that it will not be enough. For those who live in the urban area, there will not be enough space for the animal to move. Due to the limited space, they can choose to remain in your property and endure the irritating effect of the castor oil.

Using traps is still the best solution for mole infestation. The effectiveness of the trap will depend upon the bait and the placement. You can also surround your premises with wire mesh to keep them at bay. Be sure that your barrier will be buried at least 2 ft. below the ground to prevent them from tunneling through.

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