Ways to Get Rid of Opossums without Killing Them

Opossums are omnivores that will eat just about anything that is edible. Due to their scavenging habit, it will not be uncommon for homeowners to treat them as pests. Regularly, they will fight against our pets since they love the taste of pet food. They are known for their amazing adaptability skill. Unfortunately, they are not that agile, and they are also known for their poor eyesight. This makes them the common victims of roadkill.

3 Non-Lethal Methods to Get Rid of Macon Opossums
For those who are dealing with an opossum problem, the remediation should be implemented at the soonest possible time. You should clean your property and eliminate all the things that can draw the attention of the opossum. Possible hiding areas and food sources should be removed and sealed. This will help you deal with the present infestation and prevent future opossum problem.

Removing the Access Point
Opossums will not actively create their nest since they are always on the move. They will be looking for a good hiding place that can keep them safe from the predators. Our crawl spaces, basement, and attic would be a good spot for them. Once they decide to live close to you, this can be a total nightmare. Inspect the corners of your house and look for any possible entry point that they can use. Your roof can also have cracks that they can use to enter your attic. Georgia opossums are also adept climbers. Be sure that the low-lying branches and anything that they can use to climb our of will be removed.

Possums can also eat the plants in your yard. To prevent them from destroying your garden, you can introduce mesh fence and screen on the plants that you want to protect. It will also be effective in keeping the other wildlife creatures away such as the voles, raccoons, and squirrels. Since opossum will not necessarily dig, fencing will be effective against them. However, be sure that there will be no large gaps for the opossum to enter.

Using Scare Tactics
Opossums might look scary and hideous, but they are actually docile. They do not have an aggressive nature and will immediately escape of play dead when confronted with danger. Therefore, simple scare tactics will be effective against them. You can invest on a motion-activated sprinkler, or floodlights that will frighten them. Sometime producing loud sounds will be enough to encourage them to leave your property.

You may also adopt a cat or a dog that will chase them. However, since the Macon opossums are slow, they cannot outrun our dogs and can suffer an injury from the attack of the dogs. If you want to avoid a visit from opossum, you can remove the things that are attracting them. Dispose and seal your garbage properly. Feed your pet indoors and eliminate all the possible hiding place of the opossum. Finally, you can also use live traps to get rid of the opossum.

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