Effective Ways to Scare the Raccoons Away

Once you realize the possible damages that the Macon raccoons can create, it will not be surprising why you don’t want it near your property. They will not simply rummage your trashcan. They can also establish their nest inside your house. They will rip your shingles, ventilators, and fascia board, to create a convenient access. After they made it inside your house, they can contaminate and damage our insulation, and presents health risks.

Different Ways to Scare Raccoons
Before you look for method that will scare the Georgia raccoons away, you will need to understand first the size of your problem. This will help you determine if hazing techniques will be appropriate for your situation. Try to look for some evidence that this animal will leave behind such as the dropping, tracks, and evidence of their feeding.

Playing Radio
Raccoons fear human presence. They choose to live in the dark parts of our house that are not frequented by homeowners. Any signs of human activities will make them feel uncomfortable. To give them the notion that there is a human nearby, you may play a radio close to the raccoon’s nest and tune it to the talk station. The sound does not necessarily have to be extremely loud since you do not want to disturb your neighbor. This may not be effective against the raccoon that has long been established in our house.

Eviction Fluid
None of the repellent in the market will give you a long-term result. The most effective repellent would probably be the eviction fluid. This contains that urine of the dominant male raccoon that will strike fear into the heart of every mother raccoon. The mother Macon raccoons are highly protective of their young ones. They will relocate them as soon as they think that there is a sign of danger. However, this will only be effective during the nesting season.

Motion-Activated Sprinkler
Another effective way to scare them is by introducing sprinkler repellent in your garden. Once the device detected the movement of the raccoon, it will release a water jet that will blast the raccoon away. It will not be strong to harm the raccoons, but it will be enough to startle them. However, there are also certain disadvantages regarding the use of this equipment. For instance, initial cost will be more expensive compared to the others on this list. In addition, the raccoons are smart and will eventually find a path that is beyond the reach of the sprinkler.

Bright Lights
Another hazing technique that you can use is the use of bright lights. Raccoons are nocturnal creatures who prefer to move during the dark. In case they have yet to establish their nest in our house, this may work. However, for a raccoon that has been living in our house for months, they will not be frightened by the lights.

None of the methods above will be effective in eliminating the raccoon from your house completely. If you are decisive in getting rid of them, ask the raccoon specialist for the best ways to deal with your raccoon problems.

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